02 December 2011

Custom Desktop..(Give a new attractive look to your desktop..)


Today I come a cross with Desktop Customization which gives a new, attractive and Geek look to your desktop.. It is not only attractive, but also useful too.. There is a popular app called Rainmeter which help us to do all the customization.. And download a basic skin suit Enigma to get started.. There are thousands of skins and themes available in net.. We can even create our own skins and themes.. So, what I did was, Installed Rainmeter, downloaded no of themes and skin packs, then put those together to get the look.. Now I'll give you the theme I created with mixture of skins. You can try it.. You can also download other skins and make your own theme. It is depend on your creativity..
You can download skins from deviantart.com to make your own customized desktop..
Ok. That was the easiest part. The tricky part is to edit the existing skins to fit your needs. For example, you must edit the weather skin to add your location code.. These files are just text files with .ini extension which means those are the config files.. You can open those files by right click the skin and by clicking edit skin.. So, Install, play with it, ask if you have any doubts..

Here is the link to download my theme

Note: First you must install rainmeter, then Enigma Suit(optional) after that just double click the file downloaded from the above link.