24 August 2011

How to Secure your facebook account from Hackers?


Today I would like to give some tips to secure your facebook account because I got no of requests in my inbox, asking me to hack a facebook account which has been hacked by someone else from the owner. (I don't believe such stories.. :) )
Nobody can HACK into facebook servers easily, but there is a chance that someone can compromise your account and get your password if you are not careful. However, facebook has a security feature such that if a hacker get your password also, he can't get into your account because facebook will ask additional code to enter when it is accessed from a unrecognized device, and that code will be sent to your mobile. So, If you aren't aware about this, read the following instructions to make your account safe..

01. Always use https connection instead of http
02. Use additional security features provided by Facebook
   A. Go to Account -> Account settings -> Security
   B. Click Edit on Login Notification And enable text and email notification. So,     you'll get a notification whenever your account logged in, and you can suspend  and reset the password using the email link if that login was made by some one else.
   C. Click Edit on Login Approvals

  D. Check the box "Require me to enter a security code each time an    unrecognized computer or device tries to access my account"

   E. Click Setup Now. You'll receive a code in your registered mobile

   F. Enter the code and click submit code.

   G. That's it. you are done. If you login from a new device, facebook will send a code to your mobile which you have to enter in addition to your login password.