06 August 2011

How to Reset the Windows Administartor Password

        Today I'm going to tell you how you can reset your windows password, in case if you forget those. I use this method for years when any of my friend comes up with the same problem. This method will work with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.
        The first thing in resetting password is, trying to login as Administrator. Windows has a default account called Administrator which more people forget to set a password while installing OS. You can login as Administrator by booting windows in safe mode. Then, login to the Administrator account without any password to reset your user account. But guys like me, never leave our account opened as we give password to default Administrator Account. In such case, we need to do something more.
        In windows your passwords are stored in a location (C:\windows\system32\config\) as sam file which cannot be opened or edited directly when windows is running. But you can edit those by booting up from a linux kernal. I know lot of you are not familiar with linux, and also don't want to spend some time with typing in console. So, I came up with a linux kernal where all the commands to access the SAM are pre-loaded as shell scripts. So all you have to do is, download the kernal, setup your usb or cd, then boot your pc with that. It shows the options, and all you have to do is follow..
Download LinuxKernal.zip from here.. password "ruleyourpc"