15 August 2011

How to make complex but easy to remember multiple passwords?

I was bit busy with my work and project so I couldn't allocate time to write down.. Today I wanted to share an easy way of creating complex, easy to remember passwords for your online accounts. Most of us use same password for all of account because we can't remember multiple passwords. But, this makes our accounts vulnerable, if one of our password compromised, we'll loose all.. The good example for this is, after LULZ hack the Sony play station accounts and released the emails and passwords, lot of Facebook accounts were accessed by others and created a bad situation. Even a FBI security personals email account was compromised because he used the same password for all of his accounts.
Now, back to the point, I wanted to share a simple trick to make your passwords.

01. Select a main password which is easy to remember. For example.If my name is anbu, Initial is J and last four digits of my Driving licence is 1234. I can create a main password using all of these combinations such as
anbu1234J or J1234Anbu or AnJ1234bu.. It can be anything which you can remember easily..

02. Add the online account name as prefix or postfix. eg. If your main password is AnJ1234bu, your Facebook password can be
fbAnJ1234bu, or AnJ1234bufb or AnJfb1234bu..
Make a standard which you gonna follow. prefix, postfix or in middle. So that you can easily remember the passwords. So, my yahoo password can be
yhAnJ1234bu, my gmail password can be gmAnj1234bu and twitter can be twAnJ1234bu.

03. Keep your structure as a secret.. :)

So, this may help you to create multiple complex passwords which also can be easily remembered. To make it more complex, make your main password with symbols, mixing capital and small, etc.. Use your creativity.. I hope this helps.. So, leave a comment about how you feel, and any ideas if you have about making passwords..

See ya..