02 August 2011

How FIREFOX can be used as a Key Logger

I know you are surprised.. But it is possible up to some extend. Firefox keeps your browsing data as SQLite databases in your Firefox profile

folder. If I say browsing history, You may think it is just the details of visited web pages. But the fact is, it is more than that.. Firefox not only keeps your visited web pages, but also the data you entered.. Now most of you wondering whether you can get the saved passwords. But Fortunately those are encrypted. Ok. Come to the point, I'll explain you how you can check those data by using an open source browser called SQLite Database Browser. The data includes all you type in a web form except passwords. Which means, your credit card details are visible here.

Viewing the Firefox Profile Data

01. Download the SQLite Browser From

02. Open SQLite Database Browser, click open database under file menu or click the open database Icon.

03. Go to the Firefox profile folder. In Vista and Windows 7 it will be in C:\Users\ADMIN\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\2cbfl1k7.default (ADMIN is the user, in your case it may be your name or something)

04. Now you can see no of files with an extension .sqlite. Those are the files where Firefox store data.

05. Now open formhistory.sqlite with SQLite browser. The reason I mentioned this file is, it is the file where firefox store your form data. Thus, anything you've entered in a web page such as email, security answers, name, address, etc, etc

Actually I left firefox long ago because it eats lot of memory space. I like firefox coz of it's rich add on collection specially Grease Monkey which I used to automate lot of things.

Now, I leave it to you to discover the data which will be interesting.. :)

There are other .sqlite files contains data what the file name specifies, for example, the file downloads.sqlite contains the details of the downloads you made. So, open one by one and see what you got..

And, what about passwords? It is in signons.sqlite, but encrypted using your master password as salt. :)

So, try n discover, if you find anything interesting let me know, Pls leave a comment here..

The Lesson: Clear your History If you use a common computer..  :)