31 July 2011

Shutdown your PC remotely using Email / Mobile

               How Many Of You keep your PC on, for downloading, or other purpose, and after going out wanted to shutdown your PC. This post will help you to do the job using an email client. You can use your mobile to send an email to your PC to initiate shutdown. If you have any text to mail service, you can even send a text to do the job.

                If you don't have one, create a twitter account, go to notifications and check "Email Me [] When I'm sent a direct message". Activate twitter mobile. Use your mobile to send a direct message to your twitter with the shutdown key word which you gonna set in step 06. Your text message will be forward to your mail and the shutdown process will be initiated.

Steps to Configure the Outlook Express

01. Go to outlook express -> tools -> rules and alerts

02. Create a new rule

03. Check messages when they arrive under Start from a blank Rule

04. Tick the check box “with specific words in the subject”, but you can give different conditions which are available in the above list if you understand the conditions.

05. Click specific words link which is in bottom panel.

06. Now give the phrase for the condition, I gave “shutdown my pc”. In this case the rule will be activated when an email arrives with the phrase “shutdown my pc” in subject of the mail. If you have selected different conditions, you have to provide the appropriate key word.

07. Click OK, then Click Next..

08. Now, you have to create a batch file (.bat): To create open a notepad, type shutdown –s –f (Here –s denotes shutdown, if you want to hibernate give –h instead of –s –f or if you want to lock give -l) Save the file as shutdown.bat (here you can give any name to the file, but extension should be .bat)

09. Tick the check box start application, then click application link in the bottom panel which is highlighted.


10. Select the .bat file you’ve created and click open.

11. Now click Next, Next then Finish.

 That’s it, you’ve done..! Make sure your outlook express configured correctly and checks the mail automatically. If you don’t know how to configure the outlook express go here and read my blog.

If you want to shut down your PC, send a mail to yourself with the phrase “shutdown my pc” in the subject of the mail. Once that email arrives the inbox, your PC will be initiated to perform the shutdown process. To avoid, others sending mails to shutdown your PC, you can give conditions like “from people or distribution list” in step 04, addition to the word phrase condition, and define a fixed account which can initiate the rule.

Hope this will help you.. Feel free to comment or ask doubts, I’ll be here to help you..