30 July 2011

How to Shutdown/Hibernate your PC automatically when It is Idle?

How many of you fell asleep while using PC, I do. And PC will be on whole night causing power consumption and heating up, etc, etc.. So I was thinking how I can make it shutdown automatically. I don't want to do it only with the specific time, but also with a condition that I'm not using it at that time. So, I found the way to do it, and wanna share it with you..
First we have to setup a Task in Task Scheduler which perform shut down, and we must specify the rules so the computer should not be shut downed if we are using it.

01. Go to Start ->All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Task Scheduler
     or Just type Task in Programs search box to find Task scheduler :)

02. After Opening Task Scheduler, Just click create Task to create a Task for shut down.

03. Give a name to the task, tick the check box named Run with Highest Privileges(We need to do that because shutting down needs Admin privileges)


04. Click Triggers tab, click New, Give a time that usually you finish your daily work, Eg: In my case it is 12.30AM

05. Now Click Actions tab, click New, and then enter shutdown /s /f into the Program box..

06. Click the Conditions tab, and tick the check box to only start the task if the computer is idle for more than 30 minutes, and choose to stop the task if the PC isn’t idle to prevent shutdown if you are on the PC.

07. Now Click Settings tab, and choose to restart the task every 30 minutes or whatever time period you prefer if the task fails, so that if you are on the PC for a while longer than the usual time you have set in task, the task will be start up after 30 mins and shut down the PC.

That's it..!!! You've successfully Configured the task and contributed to the Go Green Concept..  :)

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