30 July 2011

Configure Your Outlook Express

Outlook is an email client for windows which makes easy to manage our emails in online and offline.. But It supports pop mail only. Fortunately Gmail provides free pop account..
So here is the steps to configure your outlook express..

1. First of all Create an Gmail account if you don't have already.
2. Open Microsoft Outlook Express from start menu.
3. Then in Outlook Express Window, goto Tools->Accounts->Add->Mail
4. In the new window type your name (e.g ANBU). Click Next.
5. Type your Gmail id (e.g anbu@gmail.com). Click Next.
6. Select "POP3" as your incoming mail server.
7. Type "pop.gmail.com" in the text box for your incoming(POP) mail server.
8. Type "smtp.gmail.com" in the text box for your outgoing mail(SMTP) server. Click Next.
9. Now type your login id( e.g anbu) in the text box for your Account Name.
10. Then type your password(e.g ***) and make sure you check the box named Remember Me.
11. Click Next then click Finish.
12. Now close all the sub window except the main Outlook Express Window.
13. Again goto Tool->Accounts. Click on the tab named Mail.
14. Select your account and click on Properties just on the right.
15. Click on the tab named Server, check the chock box name My server requires authentication.
16. Click in the tab named Advanced, type 465 and 995 in the text box named Outgoing Mail(SMTP) and Incoming Mail(POP3) respectively. Do not forget to check the two check boxes named This server requires a secure connection(SSL). Click OK.
17. Configuration complete. Now you can send or receive emails using Outlook Express.

Note: Don't hesitate to ask help if you have any doubt on this..